Date Night-RFK Kitchen

Everyday I’d driven by the corner of Great Plain and Dedham Ave I saw the progress made towards the completion and opening of RFK Kitchen. And I could not be more excited for this hot, trendy new restaurant to open in Needham Center. And when I went there, it did not disappoint.

RFK Kitchen was opened mid-October by one of the hottest chefs in the area, Rachel Klein. The restaurant has a trendy industrial look to it, not a typical style for restaurants in the area. Patrons have the choice of sitting in the lounge, or if they had the foresight to make reservations, there’s the option of sitting in the dining room at a table or one of the seats at the counter that looks into the spacious open kitchen. Seriously cool stuff.

The dining room looking into the lounge

After salivating over the menu I found online, we arrived somewhat early on a Thursday evening- the hubby and I both had separate plans for later in the night, but wanted to be sure to get in a quick dinner date. He had been to the restaurant on it’s opening weekend, and raved about the food. I was eager check it out.

We arrive and are greeted by a hostess, and a few other gentlemen whom I assume are managers (and very friendly ones!). We were then asked if we had reservations… which we did not have… womp womp. The hostess suggested siting in the lounge, but after a bit of review, we were seated at the far counter-score! It also probably helped that we knew the women we were seated next to.

View of the open kitchen from our seat at the counter

I quickly ordered their take on a Moscow Mule, which was fantastic. The bread and oil was delicious as well.


We decided to share a couple of items off the menu. Usually it takes a while to agree on something, but there were no questions this time! The carrot risotto immediately caught our eye, as well as the RFK Burger. I feel a burger can be a pretty good judge of the quality of a restaurant.

RFK Menu that evening

I was impressed with both items we ordered. The risotto was perfectly cooked, with the just the right amount of cheese. The carrots were a welcomed addition. The burger (cooked medium-rare) was delicious and juicy, and the crispy onions were the perfect topping. Steak fries, which can sometimes be under cooked, were great as well.

Carrot Risotto and RFK Burger (not pictured steak fries)

We decided it would be best to skip dessert this time as we had to head out to our other plans. There may have been a bit of regret though, as the women next to us had shared the Project Pie and Lemonade Stand Cake and didn’t leave a bite on their plates.

The open kitchen and counter seats provided a perfect date night atmosphere. We socialized with the women we knew seated next to us, and we kept eyeing the meals as we watched them go out, commenting on what we have to taste the next time. I have to say, when we go back we will definitely be trying the Rotisserie Chicken.  We saw several orders go out, and the portion size was generous. Service was a bit slow, as it typically can be with any new restaurant, but it didn’t affect the experience as our server was very friendly and knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to enjoying a meal here again (with dessert this time!), and am eagerly excited for them to open for brunch on the weekends.


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